Monday, August 20, 2007

And again

Two By Two
1. Two Names You Go By: My girl, Deb’s

2. Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now: white Capri pants and a dress shirt in white and turquoise.

3. Two Things You Want In A Relationship: touch and transparency (a lot more then just two)

4. Two of Your Favorite Things to Do: Have my date nights with my Fred and coffee dates with my dolla friends.

5. Two Things You Want Very badly At the Moment: Laptop and ipod.

6. Two Pets You Had/Have: bonso our dog (watch dog) and Joe our ring neck bird which comes to mind that what I want to do to him at the moment.

7. Two People Who Will Fill This out First: not sure

8. Two Things You Did Last Night: took a candle light bath and cant say would be too much information, giggle!

9. Two People That Live In Your House: my beloved Fred and my darling 2 children

10. Two People You Talked To Last: My Fred and Rene Nell

11. Two Things You're Doing Tomorrow: church and getting ready for home group.

12. Two Longest Car Rides: Botswana and Mozambique

13. Name 2 of Your Favorite Holidays: Womans day & Christmas

14.Two Favorite Beverages: Tab and good cuppa tea

so I have tagged once again my sis, Past. Shar, Past Deanna, Lady Stutton, Darla, Lisa, Past Lisa and anyone that wants to do this. Thank you Tasha for doing this


Pastor Lisa said...

Oh Deborah,

Anything you send from South Africa will be cherished! Thank you so much for thinking of our family!

RealEstateGirl said...

Loved your list! Thanks for playing along!

Thinking of you and your sweet daughter and soon to be grandbaby!

Much love!

Sharon said...

Women's Day--is this our Mother's Day?