Tuesday, August 7, 2007


We had a all time crisis this weekend my baby (don’t tell him I called him that on the web) came off his bmx trick bicycle and broke his collar bone, we got the call from the school teacher where they were camping saying they think he has sprained his shoulder, we where having tea with one of our old congregation members (remember Fred and I once lead a work) my beloved told me and everything inside of me screamed no it more, however dad said lets finish our coffee and then we will check it out.

As we got in the car the call came through, that they could see the bone just under the skin, well all Christian good behavior left me and I was wanting to do some low flying, a friend once told me that if you ride the speed limit which is 100km on our main road then the angels are with you but if you go 120km they climb out and you are left with the devil however if you are traveling 160km you are on your own, I want to be on my own!!!!!! (I repented)

We rush to get to him and yes he has broken his collar bone and its just under the surface of the skin, he is just skin and bones, as we where riding to the hospital he asked mom can you pray for me but no laying on of hands! Poor buddy was in so much pain, here we are at the hospital and I am clucking around him and he ever polite asked could you please go call my dad I think you need to fill in the forms, how is that for telling me to stop babying him in a nice way.

Mr. witty is so cute even when he is in pain, he had to walk to the x-ray department and I didn’t see the sign but he miss nothing and stopped in his tracks saying to the nursing sister sorry I can’t go for x-rays! The sister quite taken back asked why his reply

The sign says no jewelry and I am sorry but I am a jewel so no x-rays for me!

Just got to love this kid, so all is strapped and much attention is enjoyed right down to the fact that I am having to bath him and really enjoying him been my baby even though dad has a sharp eye on me.

Love always me


Darla said...

It's terrible when our babies get hurt! I always think, "I would rather be hurt than let them feel that pain". You are such a good mama! I will continue to keep you all in prayer. Love you Princess Diva Dolla!

Darla said...

don't know what facebook is so I am guessing not...talk to me...

Mish said...

Hi Debs will be lifting your baby up in prayer. Love you guys. Mish

A Hoosier Family said...

Sorry to hear of your son getting hurt. I have a feeling he is in real good hands with you taking care of him. Be careful, he may learn to like it! ;0) ~Sharon~

Shelly said...

Goodness gracious that's quite a break!

Sorry about that! But I'm glad he's okay too!

And I was cracking up at your wanting to do 160 mph :)

Jen said...


Praying miracles all through that "jewel's" body.
Special blessings on that great sense of humor too....and mama's nerves!
Not even gravity could hold me down if my babies were hurt! I don't think speed limits were intended for worried moms anyway!