Tuesday, August 14, 2007


This morning I was getting ready for work, and my beloved Fred was watching me as he does everyday of our lives together, his question to me was so funny so who are you today? I looked at him wondering what he was talking about; he explained that the kids and he had come up with different names for what I wore, just by the shoes and handbags I wear!

As I was transferring my goodies from one bag to the next I asked him so what style is this? Oh that ones your Nigella Lawson style, I still don’t understand I said how could you know what handbag she is using.

So here goes his explanation of what a woman’s shoes and handbag tell him:

When I wear this pretty big pink bag I always wear my hair curl he says like a Nigella look with the little dress and pink cardigan over it. Your shoes are high heeled and legs without stockings (we are nearing spring) can you believe this man of mine

So I asked him about my other looks which I must admit I am not going to share on the world wide web….. Too personal (hee hee)

My dolla look is my jeans little t-shirt and denim jacket with my pink boots with my denim handbag with the entire jewelry store on it.

My preacher lady look is my black and white tailored suite with black and white shoes and little white handbag.

And so the list continued it got me think to what do I want the world to see when I go out?

And what does Jesus see in me as I go out?

I know that I want to be clothed in His glory I want a crown of beauty; I want to be bathed in His righteousness. I want to have the shoes of readiness for the gospel of goodness firmly fixed on my feet. In my handbag I want to carry love, peace, joy, kindness all the fruits of the spirit. I want my bag to be big enough to carry my children’s joy in to take it out and look at it, to bury deep with in its pockets all their hurt so as to protect them. I want to have time for coffee and chocolates with my girlfriends and then even more time and treasures for my darling husband Fred.

Dollas what are you caring in your handbag today is it weighing you down or are you able to throw away all the burdens and only carry the peace of God in your bag. Are the shoes you wearing taking you to place you shouldn’t be or are they firm in God’s word grounded in the knowledge of who you are in Him no matter what outfit you wear and whose shoes are reflecting off you!

Whether you look like Barbie or a country girl it’s not the shoes or the hand bag that maketh the woman it’s the stead fast assurance of your hope in Christ that makes you the beauty to all around us!

Love always me


Mindy said...

This is great!
Thanks for sharing!

Jen said...

I love your thinking in this post....Fred's too!

I am always looking in the mirror to decide what image I want to give out that day, and what image I may be giving out that I might not want to.

I love the hand bag analogy....Had a bit of stuff thrown my way today and I am ready to go out....so I think I will go and empty my hand bag first.

Bless you...and Fred!

Lady Melissa said...

Love this post! I definately have some things to empty out of my handbag because it's sort of heavy but after today it will be filled with peace which is a lot lighter load (lol).

Lots of love, Lady Sutton

Sharon said...

Good thoughts.
Our image is important---important only if it brings glory to our Father.
Thanks for the reminder.

Darla said...

sometimes I don't even carry a purse..dont know why..

but I do love Fred's thinking!! haha my hubs would say something like that... "Biker chick/evangelist/girl next door?" honestly I know he loves each one of them...I like diversity!! Jesus sees the heart, and I don't think he has a preference in my clothing..I think he sees everyone naked! :)

Mish said...

Very Precious.Mish