Wednesday, August 15, 2007



This is the questions that is been asked through the grapevines for longer then I care to remember, what is my opinion on this subject?

We did a book in the church called “WHERE ARE THE SONS IN THE HOUSE” Jerome Nel is the author. In the past I have had people approach my husband and I about mentoring them when they are part of another body Jerome sums it up so clearly in this following paragraph

“You need to know that you have been placed with your father in the Lord, and it is your portion to be a blessing in the house where you’re called. An external ministry may not even know you exist and may not be in a position to care for you and your well-being. There is one who cares for you and lays his life on the line as your shepherd. He will be there in your time of need. He’s the one praying for you in the cold, dark hours of the night. That person is your spiritual father/mother. When he prays for you, he prays for you because he knows you, he loves you, and he lays his life down for you. He will be by your side through thick and thin.”

He further speaks of the “Absalom spirit” that is attempting to steal hearts of faithful sons and daughter with the intention of persuading them to deviate from their legitimate responsibilities to their own fathers.

I want to speak to you this morning my dear family in Christ, that we never find ourselves in the place where we seek mentoring from someone that doesn’t carry your heart in their hands, when God plants you in His house He has a purpose and plan for you to grow there not to be a pot plant that can uproot itself every now and then and move on but to be planted like an oak of righteousness that’s roots go down and are secure in the ground its planted in.

I want to encourage you today to pray for your leadership be sons and daughters that will bring glory to the house of God, which will not cause our leaders to sigh.



Darla said...

What a word this post is!!! Thanks for being honest..I do love that about you. I have been praying for a mentor in my church, and so far-0. But I am trusting God to give me one. I do know that I am exactly where HE wants me. Praying for the pastors and leadership is what we all should be doing. Thanks Dolla! sent you some more flowers!! :) I just think Gardens should have lots of PINK! LOL You ROCK!

Sharon said...

Thanks for this post.
Feeling a little disconnected from our shepherd.We have been very close to our pastor and his wife and all of a sudden a gap is developing.

Darla said...

hey, thinking about you, and wish I could just walk around the corner and bring you a starbucks, and some real flowers, and just talk or laugh or whatever! Missing you my diva dolla!

Gods Gal said...

Wow! Love your post! Love your name!!!! LOL Thank you for taking time to minister to us. I'll be adding you to my blog, quite an inspiration! Blessings to you! Deborah