Monday, August 27, 2007


What a wonderful weekend I have had I thought I would just do one big blog called weekend Delight, lets start with Friday after a wonderful women’s meeting on Friday which carried on later then I thought and only got back to the office at 12 when I should be at the office at about 11;30, Our senior pastor called me from home and had a gift for me dollas not even three blogs ago did I express my desire for something that would help me a lot in ministry as I do most of my thinking at night and get a lot of creative ideas for ladies meetings and speaking engagements, which I then have to pen down on paper next to my bed and then come into the office and type everything as I don’t have a computer at home after Markie sparkie decided to make our computer faster and blow the mother board, anyway the other night as I was looking at my speaking engagements for next year I thought I would just brush up on some of my talks as many of these ladies have not heard my talk on fragrance or on 1 high heel 1 slipper and I was quite happy with this I felt the Holy Spirit impressing it on my heart to do a new series on “positioning yourself prophetically” I was a bit unhinged at the least to say and I just said to my father Lord I really would love to do this but I will only do it if I have a computer to work from at home as I really don’t want to be away from them when I am working on a talk or something of that nature. Well dolla’s I was not been arrogant when I spoke to my father it was just a daughter expressing her desire, our senor pastor has given me a laptop to use until I have my own and I can work on it as long as I need to. I was jumping up and down with a lot of yelling and praising Jesus, what an awesome God we serve, I am so blessed by this and I will now start preparing for this teaching I am a bit nervous as I want to remain scriptural correct at all times with this teaching I am just trusting for a wonder out pour of Gods Spirit as I start to research and meditate on the scriptures I trust God that He will enable me to receive revelation as I start to dig into the word, pray with me for this and I will keep you all updated on the project.

Friday evening was a good mom daughter night as Mark was visiting Cameron a good friend of our son whom we love dearly and he was spending the evening we don’t allow them to spend a evening out with just anyone but we know the family and we know that they have the same family values as we do, anyway we got some ham and cheese rolls at our favorite little tearoom and then a DVD and just vegetated under the blankets in the family room dad worked late as he had something to finish up before Saturday so that we could go and say good bye to my dear precious dolla friend you can read about her here, we went to bed quite early and it was a goodtime of rest and relaxation,

Saturday morning something wonderful happened in my beloved Fred’s life and once I am released to tell you about it I will as it will change a lot in our life, so just carry him in prayer as he has so tough decisions to face in this week coming. So we road down to Durban and met up with Pauline and then we hit Durban’s streets as my fred and I are going to a bollywood show on Friday night that been our usual date night that could not take place this week but he made up for it today, we went into the middle of Durban and found the most amazing store that sells all the bling and extravagant clothing that can only come from India and I spend about three hours in the shop trying on the outfits until I decided to look at the price and nearly died they where as extravagant as the clothes however Fred just said I want you to have the whole outfit from shoes to the bangles so girls I went mad I bought the most beautiful dolla shoes you can imagine covered in rhinestones the top is cover in hand sown beads and the bangles are just amazing how they capture the light and they look like one big chunk of diamonds on the end of my arm. This is definitely one of those outfits that will bring a lot of attention but it makes me feel like a princess in it, we even got my Fred a whole outfit for the evening which was amazing and with his new hair style and glass all I can say is mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm cant wait to get him alone, after all that we where so hungry and just needed to eat which we did at a wonderful little coffee shop and just had good friendship time with my precious friend it was good to speak into her life about marriage as she is about to embark on a journey that could lead to marriage and so for us to speak to her as a couple was wonderful, we are trusting God that in the year to come that we will be able to minister together as husband and wife on this subject as we both believe that we can minister on this subject as God has blessed with an awesome marriage and we give God all the glory for this.

Today is Sunday and what an awesome time we had in the house, the worship was wonderful and the word just encouraged us the powerful impartation of faith into our lives, afterwards we had our family indaba which takes place once a month when we as a church family picnic together and just have fun and relax and they guys and some girls play sport together, so my dear friends I just want to give God a big thank you for a truly wonderful weekend.


Sharon said...

Seems God was good to both of us this weekend. I needed a little extra special time and God provided it too.
How great that you have been given a laptop to use. I love mine. It was a birthday present last year.
I like that I am the only one who is one it-except for the kids who might check and email or play a card game.
Enjoy your and i am sure that you will get lots of wake up calls from God as He gives you the new material for your new study.

Pastor Lisa said...

Your weekend sounds wonderful and I'm so happy you can work from home on the laptop! It makes a huge difference to be able to work at home and research things online at home when the mood strikes! And please take pics of you and your Fred in your beautiful outfits!

Rejoicing with you in the Lone Star State..Deep in the heart of Texas!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had a blessed weekend! I hope you have many more just like that.
And do you know, just last week I was thinking about those marvellous ham and cheese rolls, and thinking I'd better start making my own because I haven't seen any here yet. Yum!