Monday, August 20, 2007


We had a wonderful awesome fabulous Saturday as I opened my home to cappuccino, chocolate and chit chat around the word, for those of you that know my history coming from a background of living in a manse which I had to always get permission from the eldership to even change the colors of my walls to a place where we own our home now all ours belong to no one except us, you will know that I have become very private in my home its my sanctuary and God has been working in me hard and gentle at times to be healed and restored, which is all a work in progress. So Saturday for me was a big step I felt like the first time I ever had to preach and was so nervous but God is gracious to me always as we know our Father to be!

Normally if I have people over I snap at my children snap at my beloved Fred and become one big bunch of nerves, (perfectionism gets hold of me) this time round I was well rested in my Spirit and soul and even my body (thanks bekkie for letting me sleep in) when I woke I went and fetched my roses from my darling dolla Shirley she can get any rose you can think of. Then off to town with Kirsty to buy chocolates and finally home where I made breakfast for all the kids and then set up, by the time the ladies started to arrive I felt so excited and knew this will be the beginning of great things to come. When I invited the ladies purely at random so if you are reading this and did not know about it, it not because you weren’t invite I just never got round to emailing you all! But know this you are always welcome. I asked them to bring a scripture that they felt God had been stirring in their hearts this past week. Wow the thread was all there…. FAITH… one of the ladies that shared was so awesome in sharing how God had shown her in her own life the scripture in Luke 6: where Jesus feed the multitude with 5 loaves and 2 fish.

The word said that it was late – even when we feel that the hour has passed for Jesus to do something for us its not.
The boy only had the 5 loaves and 2 fish – even when we think we have nothing Jesus takes our nothing and transforms it into a glorious event!

I have over shot what I was going to say but it was so wonderful just to sit with a group of like minded ladies that love the Lord and just find out where we are all at. To create a platform to discuss daily struggles we all face. I just want to say thank you Father for the awesome way that your presence was felt by all.

“Faith makes the up look good, the outlook bright, the in look favorable and the future glorious.” Raymond Edman

I can’t wait till next month when we can just enjoy cappuccino, chocolate and chit chat around the word!

love always me


Sharon said...

How fun!
I do love my girls. I miss them. God is leading me in a different direction this year so I will not be teaching the same type of Bible study.

Choc. and coffee--what more could you ask for.