Friday, September 21, 2007


Well girls the begin of the end has began, with the new medication I have some accountability that I have with my doctor, for the next month I have to weigh myself every morning and write down everything I put in my mouth and I wont (to coin my daughters phrase) gross you out with what else I have to jot down but I guess you have the idea.

So yesterday morning was the first of the diary writing weight watching scale balancing day, and to make matters even worse hubby has to weigh me, sigh of relief he does weigh more then me, hooray. So after stripping naked even taking off my glasses I wear in the morning just to make sure I am totally only my body fat I got on to the scale, hubby remarks did he (the doctor) say only one month with a very wicket smile. Least to say I was horrified to see my weight and realized I have to lose 32kg /70.5 pounds wow that is a whopping lot of weight.

So I wrote everything that went into my mouth yesterday even down to the 5 fabulous chocolates I ate with my dear friend etc. besides the fact that I am running to the loo every so often my bladder feels like Niagara falls or Victoria falls. I have had no side effect for the day or even the evening, yet when I climb on the scale this morning yes all naked hubby smiling. He looked down told me to just get off and weighed himself said okay on you get it is working to my total shock I have lost 3kg/6.6pounds in one day. I know this is not going to happen everyday but if I say it boosted my confidence through the roof would be an understatement.

Girls’ thank you all for your love and support I feel like I have a cheerleading group cheering for me. Thank you all for your words of encouragement. So each day I will keep you posted besides other things I want to write about.

Love always me


Anonymous said...

I'll put some pink bubbly on ice, i think it has less calories than chocolate..... you go, girl!
Luv Ve

Anonymous said...

Hi Debs

Well done just do it slow you have no deadlines to catch I have managed to keep mine off because I am doing it with Nutrition and slowly thats the secret. Plenty exercise needed as well so you can tone as you loose. It is great when you get on the scale and you have lost. I only weigh once a week that way it does not put pressure on me. the Holy Spirit will give you the wisdom and strength do achieve it. Love you my friend. Mish

Sharon said...

Nothing like the fun of seeing the pounds dropping--seems like your hubby is enjoying it too. ;)
Keep up the good work!

Debbie said...

Congrats Deborah!! you go girl!!
your success is an encouragement to me to push forward. So thanks.


Karen said...

I have been on this journey this year. I have lost 50lb since January (4lb to go) and it has blown me away all that the Lord has said to me and shown me through this discipline. I am now 40 and it has taken me 18 years - or rather 18 years for the Lord to break through and shatter the stronghold I had that I would always be 'big'. I started an exercise routine which has become another discipline and then came a profound effect on my Bible reading and other disciplines. Be encouraged.

Oh I saw the book on your side bar, it looks fascinating. "Come away my beloved". Could you tell me the author's name please?

How is your daughter doing? I pray that all is well with the pregnancy.

By the way - you are gorgeous looking right now. I had to come to acceptance of myself BEFORE I could successfully lose weight.

Carin said...

Karen advised me to visit your blog. I am surprised to see you are on a weight loss program. I am on one too. I have lost one stone = 7kg now and I still have a very long way to go. Hang in there and I am going to visit you on your blog very often to see how you are doing. I love writing too but I have to write in English now and it is a huge challenge for me. My mother tongue is Afrikaans. Have a nice day.

Mindy said...

6.6 pounds in one day?
You go girl!
CONGRATS and will pray for you!
In HIM -

Pastor Lisa said...

That's awesome...

Gretchen said...

Deborah, I'm so happy for you! Praying that you'll be just as satistfied with yourself even when the losses slow down because you are working hard, being accountable, and you.will.lose.this.weight. I started out with over 60 pounds to go (sorry, don't know the kg), and now I have between 35 and 40. Minute by minute. Step by step. You've already won the victory over this, my friend, so go claim it. ((((hugs))))gretchen

The Preacher's Wife said...

you hang in there Deborah - I know you can do this! And I completely understand how this boost in the beginning is so encouraging.

Just for the record - I think you are beautiful my dolla friend! :)


darla said...

Dolla! You are absolutely gorgeous, and the KING IS ENTHRALLED BY YOUR BEAUTY...needed to yell you live so far away..did you hear me? :)

Please make sure that this is all safe for you to do..I need to lost weight too, but sometimes the effort can become a god in itself. Fully support you and will continue to lift you in prayer. Love love love love YOU!