Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Okay so I haven’t been blogging much lately: reason: just no time it seems as if this year is not coming to a slow lazy Christmas time but its in high gear flying straight into next year…I must say I love my job at the church and I love the people in our church but right now I cant wait for my holiday to start and I can just catch my breath.

Personally for me this has been a hard year with my health my daughter falling pregnant my husband going into a new line of work and overall just seem like total chaos at one time or another. However with the doctor sorting out my body ailments and giving me peace of mind that I am not going mad or needing so serious counciling I am happy to say I can go on after 2 weeks leave… I have such a vision personally for me next year and am so excited to be going to talk at the conference in New Zealand... Hoping to go into Africa later in the year (yes I live in Africa but I mean further north) so believe great things are going to happen in 2008 new beginnings in the spirit.

These past 3 weeks I have just experience such a solidifying of my call and the out pour of the Holy Spirit has been so wonderful. That sounds like such a mundane word but my vocabulary doesn’t extent to how I feel, the gentleness with which the Holy Spirit is dealing with me is so over whelming and so wonderful that I cant even find the words to describe to you how I am feeling. I have had a new found joy just praying in the Spirit and know that I am been edified in my spirit, charged up like an old battery to a place where I can run a power plant!

What a joy I have experienced in leading a ladies group in my home, where we are busy with Beth Moore’s living beyond yourself… this has given me such food for thought. One of the comments that she makes in week 1 is “each day is a new opportunity for victory” I wake up think on that today is a day for victory. So spiritually there is a change that has come I even seeing a gentleness returning to my life that I thought I had lost so very long ago. I feel like a rose that is pushing through ready to reveal the hidden beauty.

Talking about hidden beauty, I have been granted access to the gym now, so last night was my first night with my trainer Ryan, must say Kirsty my baby girl was around me like a fly… “Mom just protecting dads interests”… good golly miss molly! Anyway he has given me a program to work on for the next 4 weeks 3 times a week.

I have to cycle for 10min and then on the treadmill for 10min and then on the medicine ball for some posture work and back core strengthen with is also about 10min in total. Then 2 sets of stretches one is so cool my whole back just clicked it sounded like dominoes falling, must say I don’t have any aches or pains this morning and had the best nights sleep in months. So my dear friend as God is solidifying my calling He is also helping me shape up for the year ahead…. God is good


wendy said...

wow lovely pic of you three ladies, where was it taken? Wendy

Shari said...

Thanks for the read. Jen from Beauty to Ashes recommended that I check out your blog.

Change and challenges seemed to also be a major part of 2007 for me and my family. It's great knowing no matter what - we're on God's team and He's got the Winning Team.. go team go!!!

Nicki said...

Hope you'll be back soon! I enjoy your writing so much! It sounds like things are a bit crazy though!I loved Living Beyond Yourself! Take care!!

The Preacher's Wife said...

You are such an inspiration, dolla....

Hang in there! :)


Mindy said...

Girl, I would LOVE to get some solidification on my call from the Lord......THat is awesome for you!
In HIM -