Wednesday, January 30, 2008


This morning as I said goodbye to my precious friend Pauline, my heart ached for her and women all over the world that are single and find them self in a place where their call and gifting is almost put on hold because they are single and need a man to qualify them. This friend has an incredible call as an exhorter of God’s people and even in the word of wisdom that she operates in. I pray that God who is sovereign will expand her territory. I believe and trust with her that this year she will meet the man God has destined her to be will, because she truly desires to be a wife, she has held out not dating because she is waiting for that man. My dear precious dollas please pray and believe with me that she meets her man of destiny. And that she will not be held back in her call or gifts, as she is valuable and precious in the Kingdom of God.

How much fun it was to have her with me, such an appointed time in the Lord, we ate and prayed and cried and laughed. Such a testimony of God’s healing as she survived cancer in the gland area near her face, we serve a God who know our names.

An act of love and kindness may not change the course of history but if it changes the course of someone’s life it’s worth it. Thanks precious daisy pie, I love you!


Bev Brandon said...

Oh my goodness it is as though I recognize her face but don't know the name Pauline...that made me take a second look! How dear that she was with you! Thrilled beyond measure to hear from you. Drop in whenever you are always welcome in midst of your full Life. Whenver you can drop by, it makes my heart leap!

Shelly said...

This was so sweet girlfriend. Your heart for her, and to esteem and pray for her...and to acknowledge the sometimes difficult season that the Lord places her in as a single gal. I'm so glad you two had some sweet 'koinania' time together.

Profbaugh said...

Praying for Pauline and standing in agreement with you!