Monday, April 14, 2008


Last night we where at rivers church in sandton, wow is an understatement I was so blessed. Their music is to put is mildly a sensation of good rock. They then went on to an awesome laid back jazz number really awesome. They have something called “haveago” where someone from their youth has a 5 min slot to say what’s on their heart, man this was fantastic, the young guy stood up and spoke about loving your enemies and spoke about been bullied at school. Was so good.
Andre the pastor started a new series called…..

”The 7 habits of highly miserable people”

Psalm 107:10”some sat in darkness and deepest gloom, miserable prisoners in chains”
Here are a few notes I took made me think really hard as I am battling with my thoughts at the moment and I really needed to hear this
1. The don’t control their thinking
Fact 1”: we will all be miserable at times but if we allow it to become a habit it gets entrenched in our souls it will keep us for, success in life.
Fact 2”: people who are highly miserable spend their lives looking for things people and churches outside them selves to make them happy.
Fact 3”: highly miserable people can make no significant contribution to others.
Matt 12:34 for a mans heart determines his speech.
He gave some quotes
Ralph Waldo Emerson: life consists of what a man is thinking about all day.
George Kirkpatrick: nature gave us two ends one to sit and one to think with our success or failure in life depends on which end we us most.
1. Thoughts are extremely dangerous
2. Lots of people pretend to think right thoughts
3. Thoughts can either harm or help our future
4. Thoughts can either harm or help our souls
5. We can control our feelings by controlling our thoughts

Fact 1: we can control our thoughts
Fact 2: our feelings come though our thoughts
Conclusion we control our feelings by controlling our thoughts.
Phil 4:4 always be full of joy in the Lord; I say it again rejoice.

We where all blessed out of our socks it rocked

Love always me


Anonymous said...

Hi my gorgeous bubbly friend - welcome back! I can't tell you how much i'm missing you - love the look of the new place & can't wait to visit. Please e-mail sometime. PS great preach - blessed me too. Luv Ve

Jen said...

Sounds like a really great service, I am glad you were blessed.
Our thoughts really are the beginning of the win or loss of our battles....and we DO have control over our thoughts, which dictates the outcome of so much.