Monday, April 21, 2008


Lighter side of life is that its freezing I mean coming from a tropical part of the world to this is hectic, it was 16 degrees c. To us that is almost Eskimo climate. So today I made my famous butternut soup (family famous) and for tonight we are having a good stew with vegetables and lots of gravy with some lovely white rice. Tonight is time for a nice hot bubble bath and warm fleece blanket, a pot of rooibos tea (red bush tea) a wonderful African blend that we drink here in South Africa.
The family is getting back to normal after everyone has left, its been great catching up with family and Kirsty pies very special friend came to visit, Fred took him to the bus station this morning so now its just us 4, I need to catch up on ironing and all that goes with been a lady at home for the next month any way. This will be the first week without anyone besides us 4 so I think normal is going to be our week, very quite because we have been so use to been busy with home group and prayer and visits with friends.
From Wednesday I will start a journal entry entitled memoirs of a fast fading fatty some of the girls from my old church will know what I am talking about but for all my new blog buddies it’s a fun look at losing weight and my long winded journey of weight loss. I have to lose 10 kg about 22pounds before the end of May to get a position that I really want. So pray with me in this journey I have ahead of me.
The week end coming is my Fred’s birthday and his grandson Kyrone and the parents are also coming LOL to visit gramps for his birthday so our home will be filled with all our children, I hope my camera will be sorted so that I can post some new photos of all of us.
Now its time to cuddle with Fred’s that is just walked through the door looking a bit blue from the cold so time to go warm those bones of his (giggles)

Love always me