Saturday, May 17, 2008


Yesterday was one of those days that you just bury in your heart and take it out and treasure it when ever you are having a blue day. I was invited to go a attend a ladies evening out, which I think is one of the nicest ways for Christian ladies to spend the evening out. Yvette a precious friend of mine and one of the most put together dolla’s I have ever met, and I met at Mug and Bean a coffee shop in Rivoina square and just sipped skinny cappuccinos and chatted but we ran out of time, we have both been pastors wives that where very involved and so we just chatted about the absence we sometimes feel not in leading a work but the wonderful relationships you build up we are both people that believe in mentoring other and taking the girls to a place where they can see destiny before them. So it was just wonderful.]
Then we went to Rivers Church I have spoken about them in a previous post, the church that rocked, when we got there we surrounded by about 500 ladies it was phenomenal. they had a pampering room where you could get a massage or a manicure, then you went up stairs and before I carry on the theme for the evening was “death by chocolate”, we came up the stairs and call you could smell was chocolate, not something you want to be smelling when you are on your first zone for weigh-less, there where tables of chocolate cakes with pink rose petals and wonderful chocolate balls, there was a chocolate fountain and lots of other chocolate drinks and chocolates as far as the eye could see.
Yvette and I went and found a chair and sat to continue our conversation, and then I saw some one that I had met when I preached at a ladies conference about 6 years ago and we spend sometime catching up and will be meeting for coffee soon. It was so good to be surrounded by women that are like minded.
The worship was wonderful as always I just love to worship Jesus, He is the one that makes life worth living, and their choir is out of this world, what a spirit of excellence that this church practices on all levels. There was no focus on the band it was all on the Lord!
Wilma Olivier that leads the church with her husband Andre came up and handed out some gifts and the most divine Bulgarian chocolate tea spoons you put them in hot milk they dissolve and Walla you have hot chocolate! She spoke about the up and coming conference in September which I will be attending come hell or high waters. (lol hope this saying doesn’t offend anyone).
The speaker is a pastor that comes from Hill songs in Australia and they have come to plant a campus in cape town so wow! Her name is Lucinda and she is this tiny spitfire for God, she spoke about the conversation Jesus had with His disciples when he asked in Matthew “who do the people say I am, then turned later to Simon peter and asked who do you say I am” the long and tall of the story was as soon as we start to know Jesus in an intimate relationship he shows us who we really are. Simon peter meant a small stone but peter meant a huge mountain rock and on that Jesus built his church and he is still building it today on people (girls) that will allow Jesus to change them from small stone to big mountain rock!
That is what I want for today is to see what Jesus is going to do with Deborah where is He taking me, glory girls is all I can say.
Love always me