Tuesday, May 20, 2008


“Food is for eating, and good food is to be enjoyed…I think food is, actually very beautiful in itself.” Delia Smith.
What a wonderful quote I totally agree with her. To think we eat and get fat but we need to eat to get thin. This is a wonderful journey that I am on and as I am learning more and more about the zones and the food formulas it’s great to se that we can eat beautiful food and still lose weight. This morning was weigh in time for me again, and girls I have lost another 1,4kgs (3pounds) yippee it’s working and the best thing I am eating well.
I thought that I would share a recipe every so often with you dollas so that you can see what wonderful dishes are out there that are not fattening if used in a balanced lifestyle, lets be honest its all about balance, from the amount of hours we spend in work, play and sleep. In our lives we have spirit soul and body and these all need to be in balance.
Serves 4
400g Escort Weigh-less Smoked Bacon
4 chicken breasts, 100g each
5ml English mustard
40g sundried tomatoes
Salt and pepper
Weigh-less non-stick spray
Place each chicken breast between two pieces of cling wrap and bank with a mallet until about 1cm thick
Place four pieces of bacon next to each other place the chicken on top.
Spread each chicken breast with a thin layer of mustard and 10g sundried tomatoes. Season and roll. The bacon should now be on the outside.
Brown in pan coated with non-stick spray. Remove from pan bake for a further 30 minutes in an 180c oven until chicken is cook through.
Serve with fresh green salad or green vegetables.

Tip: swop chicken with pork fillet for a meal rich in vitamin C.
Here’s to weigh loss and good food!
Love always me