Monday, May 12, 2008


This has been a hard week for remaining on my eating program even though it’s a lifestyle change as I have mentioned to break old habits are hard. With mother day that has just gone pasted it was difficult to say no to the children when they wanted to take me to my favorite coffee shop for coffee and cake. I spoke to my Fred and ask what do you think?
“My girl, please go and enjoy we really want to spoil you today, and it was a spoil. With the move up to Pretoria my skin has really undergo a great change it is so dry and the product I am using is not helping, so yesterday my man took me to a wonderful pharmacy, I just love pharmacies and when went and replaced my whole skin care range and spoilt me with a bottle of my favorite everyday perfume, Ella I just love it, and in the packet or tin was the body cream and body spray, so really just a wonderful day.
We visited another church and the kids love it, now to me that is very important, they have a great bunch of teenagers here and lots of single folk, there is really a mixed bunch, my lovey just commented and said it’s wonderful to see every generation represented at the church, you can check them out here.
So this morning was weigh in time and I am only down 500g about 1pound but who is complaining certainly not me, I have lost another 9 cm and once again mainly around my middle and tummy area. I have really been working on my tummy area and it’s paying off, every pound that comes off is another step closer to my goal weight. Tonight I am meeting one of my group leaders that now fall under my area. I can’t wait to see what God is going to do with these ladies; I know that He always touches lives when we make ourselves available.
So girls dollas my darling friends lets get a goal in front of us and lets run a race to completion wither you have 5kgs or 50 kgs to lose we can do this together just remember to drink your water and exercise even if its taking a stroll with your loved one……. Just do it!

Love always me