Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Today we celebrated our princess, sweetie pie Kirsty’s birthday. I can’t believe our little baby doll is 15years old, she is such a delight. She is a wonderful daughter, even though she has a missy streak in her. I watcher sometimes and say to Fred I wonder where she got that from and he just throws his head back and laughs saying she is just like you.
I must say today when we took her shopping because she wanted clothes for her birthday it was wonderful she doesn’t just choose any thing she really takes her time and looks at it from all angles, her dad kept saying honey don’t look at the price tag because she will take something and put it back saying it was too expensive, one thing that we really have in common is we love lingerie, she bought the cutest polka dot set, I was quite envious as I would love a set like that my trade mark is pink, I love wearing pink lingerie, but doesn’t come in my size for now!
We then went and ate at ANAT’s my favorite and Kirsty’s as my dads family roots are Lebanese, we all had falafel, filled with lamb and yummy veggies. Wonderful day we had as a family.
So our darling princess HAPPY BIRTHDAY, we LOVE YOU.
Love always me


Mindy said...

Happy birthday to your Kirsty! Hope it was wonderful!
in HIM -

Susanne said...

Happy birthday to Kirsty! How are you doing sweet Dolla? I have been missing you!!!
Love and Prayers,

Steffi said...

Happy belated birthday to you!I hope you had a nice birthday!

Steffi & Nathalie