Saturday, May 24, 2008


Its 11:45 am on a Saturday morning and I am still in bed! Wonderful I love the idea of having nothing to do on a Saturday. Just relaxing with my family and talking. This morning I changed my blog and feel inspired to write again, so dolla’s this is going to be between us, I am going to write a series on joys of having dolla’s in our lives. (For those of you who are new to my blog DOLLA is a word we use in our family for a girl friend, a like minded girl friend) I have met quite a few over the past year that I have been blogging and I am going to try and arrange interviews with them so you can all get to know these wonderful blogging dolla’s!
As for me it’s a crisp autumn (fall) morning in Pretoria and we are going to take the kids to the Pretoria zoo. And hopefully my camera doesn’t play up so that I can show you the pictures we took. Have a blessed family day and from one dolla to another lets keep smiling life is too short not to.Time for me to hit the shower.
Love you all


Steffi said...

Yes, that´s true ...I love also the idea to having nothing to do !But unfortunately I must go to work today on the late afternoon again.
Have a nice day and enjoy your day in the zoo with your kids!Don´t forget your camera...

Greetings from Steffi