Saturday, May 24, 2008


So its 7pm and can you believe it Fred and I are back in bed. We were wanting to take the children to the zoo but with Fred’s brother that had surgery he got back late from getting medication for him, and Mark spark was trying to break a record for sleeping the whole of Saturday and Kirsty pie was wanting to bake she loves baking. So what do we do yippee go on a date.
Fred had seen this wonderful place not far from us so off we went to Tuscany a coffee shop and nursery all in one; they have the most beautiful water features. We wondered around looking at everything and then we sat down and had a wonderful lunch and skinny cappuccino. We also came across a shop called “Faded Grace” it’s beautiful full of yester year things cups and teapots that would make me feel like a queen drinking out of one of them. We decided we needed to get some plants for this empty garden and you need to be smart because you cant put great big trees in a small garden so we got some lilies and some Margaret Roberts lavender.
We have had to make a huge decision about our Dalmatian bubbles because this yard is much too small for her to stay in so we are sending her to our oldest daughter because they live on a plot and have a great big open garden for her. Bubbles had literally made a sand path through the lawn and staying in an estate you need to keep the gardens in a certain standard, so this is going to cause a problem. My rose bush that Fred bought a few weeks ago is starting to bud so I can’t wait because it’s beautiful pink and smells heavenly.
So here we are me working on my blog Fred watching a DVD and the two of us snuggling mmmm… better say goodnight.
Have a wonderful time in the House tomorrow.

Love you all


Jen said...

Sounds like an absolutely wonderful day!!
Hubby and I get a date night tonight as he leaves with a friend to drive to Oklahoma...2 day driving trip.
He will be gone 4-5 we must enjoy a bit of US time before he leaves...yippee!!!
New Blog looks great.

Steffi said...

Sounds like a nice day and better as mine...I was at work ;O(!


Denise said...

Glad you enjoyed a nice day sweetie.