Tuesday, June 17, 2008


If any of you are wondering what has happened to me I am drowning in paper work. I can’t make head or tails of what I am doing in the reports I have to send in. Thank the Lord He gave me the capacity to speak and write other wise I might be unemployed right now.
You know been the church administrator was good training and been a preacher has also helped me to understand people the only problem is I am better with people then I am with paper work. I praise Jesus for the husband I have he has been a star getting me set up and even doing the odd filing for me, I jokingly tell the girls at my area managers meeting that I have my own PA.
I really should get some pointers from my friend Deanna over at life time intimate portrait she seems to have it all together…. HELP DEANNA. So just in case you thought I have gone off to an exotic Island, sorry you are wrong but that would have been wonderful. I have so much to blog on but will get to that later.
Here is a taste of what is to come: our evening out with our darling friends from Malawi: this will be a great story so watch this space.

Love always me