Thursday, June 19, 2008

My new hairdresser

As all of you know by now we have moved, there are many challenges in moving. The one that has been the hardest for me personally is my friends and church, however I have come to realize the most difficult one has been trying to find a hairdresser that understands me, the one who will know that when I say I want platinum blonde hair, will say no girl will make you look old drawn or whatever the case, the one who knows that when I have had a bad day or week and I say cut all my hair off will know that I am not been serious. I also want one that doesn’t always do the same old same old.
I have had a lot of red in my hair recently and almost become drab, so after searching and I must say up here in Pretoria you pay for the mall you go to when it comes to hair dressers, now not to sound super spiritual, this morning I ask Jesus to help me I have been feeling like a washed out rag for a while, and I love having my hair done but I don’t want to bust the bank by doing so, since we moved to Pretoria I have been riding down this one street everyday and there is a beautiful building with a sign that says: House of hair and beauty, the whole place grabbed my attention but after phoning around I though this would be out of my league, however I just felt the Lord say phone them, well girls I have found my home for my hair and here is what she has done, I know it looks a lot the same as my old hair style but the color and the feel is just wonderful. So here are some pictures of it.

My Fred and I are going on a date tonight so will blog when I get back…going to watch…”sex in the City” I know bring out the stones lets stone me…but I am a big believer in girlfriends and all my girlfriends live to far for me to go with them to see it.

Love always me


Deborah said...

Looks great!


Deanna Shrodes said...

Love your hair! Looks great. If I were there, I'd see SATS with you...I have never been a fan of the show quite honestly -- just never started watching it so you'd have to bring me up to speed but I'd be more than happy to share the "girl" time with you, get a coffee and chat after we watched the movie. No stones here...

Mindy said...

Girl, today I went for my last haircut with my hairdresser who has done my hair *perfectly* for the past two years.
We move on Monday and then I have to find a new hairdresser. Yes, it is most definitely the hardest thing to do when you move. I plan on posting about this on my blog today sometime!!!
Your hair looks great. Looks like you found a great hairdresser.