Monday, June 9, 2008


I am so exhausted today, I haven’t done a business plan or report in years, and somehow I have been able to with the help of my darling hubby Fred, this man knows his way around reports and procedures. I have felt so far behind in my day to day living this past week with all the new things happening in my life, but praise the Lord He gave me a wonderful gorgeous man called Fred.
So this week I had to weigh in at one of my groups because I am not at goal weight and I am working for a weigh management company I need to keep a steady process of losing my weight. I got on and have lost another .800g so I am very stoked because I seem to be losing about that much every week now.
The weigh-less lady gave a talk and I though it was so good I wanted to share it with you.
1. Your eating program is your road map to successes.
2. As in every persons life we take detours to see the scenery, that coffee shop attack- get back on the road and don’t keep blaming yourself for the detour.
3. In every travel kit there is a first aid kit – your weigh less group leader, when you need an emergency stop rather call your group leader then trying to do it alone.
4. Enjoy the ride its one great destination we are aiming for.
I must say this can apply to anything in life…let enjoy the road map set before us.

Love always me


Rochelle said...

Excellent advice. I have NOT been doing so great in this department... but this week I will do my very best to do better! Thanks for the post!