Monday, June 9, 2008


Now this is one dolla I just have to meet in the flesh. I think she is one cool mama, and I think she is on my important list of people I have to meet. I can imagine us going to a mall and drinking latte and eating cheese cake till the sun goes down and then we still won’t be done talking. She is my sister from another mother (this my son assures me is a good compliment so I am going with it) You can find her here
Now let’s give a cyber scream for my dear dolla Lisa from Houston:
1. What is your ideal date night, give a short detailed answer - My ideal date night is filled with great conversation, great, music, good food along with a shared dessert.
2. Physically what would a person remember the most about you (nails hair) - I think my hair...I don't straighten it anymore and wear it in its natural nappy state! And I've got killer legs/calves so I've been told by men AND women! LOL!
3. In woman’s ministry who is your mentor and what did you do to make sure this mentorship has made you grow. - This may sound weird but I have never had a woman mentor. I am who I am spiritually largely in part to my spouse. When I was angry at God and stopped talking, Elgin prayed for me, encouraged me. He has been my biggest cheerleader in ministry. He pushes me to excel and I love him for it.
4. What is you favorite piece of scripture and why. Jeremiah 29:11. I never knew this scripture existed and when I discovered it, it was at a point in my life when I felt forgotten and abandoned. This scripture made me realize that there were indeed plans for MY life. That God had ME in mind and that I wasn't an afterthought. It radically changed my life.
You are so precious to me. Love you always me.


Pastor Lisa said...

Dear Deborah! You are so sweet! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Oh! I love her blog!!! I haven't visited her in a while, but this post has reminded me to head on over and say hi!