Sunday, June 1, 2008


I have taken a short break from the interview to show off my grandbaby Kyrone.


The joys of having family, I wonder sometimes if we really realize how wonderful it is to be part of a loving family. Today there where 4 generations together and we took some lovely photos. So for my friends out there here is a few. I want to show of my beautiful grandbaby and my gorgeous girls. My mom has come to visit so it was nice to have pictures of her as well. Hope you enjoy them with me.

HERE ARE FOUR GENERATIONS TOGEHER (Jenni, my mom Sally, Kyrone and myself)

Great Grandmother and Kyrone:

Here are the four generations having a laugh together its my mother Sally, Jenni, Kyrone and me:
Here is a picture of myself with my girls and Kyrone:

Then last but not least Granddad, Kyrone and Daddy:

words can never express what I feel for this little one.

Kyrone Nana loves you so very very much.

love always me


Jen said...

He is perfectly delicious!!!!
I always told my babies that I was going to "eat them up" as I kissed and snuggled them...Kyrone is one of those babies....So gorgeous...what a blessing to have the generations together.

Bless each one of you!
Love from Canada

Tara Sloan said...

He is beautiful Deb! Thanks for giving us a glimpse!!!

Deanna Shrodes said...

Beautiful! I love babies! You must have a blast with him...spending time rocking him and singing to him...