Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I was at a coffee shop with a lady the other day and they have different posters up about dancing and the one that caught my eye was “dancing is what feet do when they day dream”
I thought about it a lot because as a young girl that was my favorite pastime to daydream, and I wondered about it the ability to dream comes from the Lord, It says that He speaks to us in dreams and visions. I thought about it a lot and found that many women have lost their ability to dream.
This morning as I sat and drank my cup of fresh filtered coffee on my patio I started to daydream about many things one thing that got my day dreaming going was to travel, to go to a beautiful place where there is sunny skins and beautiful beaches where the people are passionate about life.
I so want to go to Greece and have a romantic holiday with my darling Fred, to walk along the beach in my white gypsy dress with a straw hat on sipping a virgin mohita not sure of the spelling there.

Girls my challenge for the week is to dream to set time aside and just daydream, when last have you day dreamed?



Jen said...

I LOVE to Daydream...and often these daydreams become a vision for the future, and God loves it when we have a vision...He works through dreams and visions and loves to give us the desires of our heart.
When he places those desires in us and we spend time envisioning them, we are setting the stage for God to Fulfill His dreams for cool is that!

I love that saying you found, "dancing is what feet do when they daydream"...I really need to dance more!