Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Priceless - friendship

Have you ever had something that was precious to you and you thought you had lost it?
It might be a priceless heirloom or it might be something sentimental or perhaps a friendship?
Well I had a friendship that I thought was lost to me I have a tendency to pull back when I am hurting or going through things that just don’t make sense to me. In this time that I have been up in Pretoria I have done that pulled back from everyone that is dear to me…. Do I do it on purpose or do I just do it because that is how I cope when life seems to overwhelm me!
Yesterday I had an appointment to see someone that is very dear to me but because of my pulling back might have placed this friendship in jeopardy, we decided like all good south Africans to gather around food to sort our problems out. We choose a place we both love called Ciao Baby’s they make the most divine chicken salad you can think of!
We talked about everything and anything to avoid the subject but then we sat down and got to the bottom of the problem, we cried and we laughed and walked away as friends again, tender friends having to regain trust and respect again.
Dear family and friends (near and far) I am so sorry if I shut you out while I was going through my own inner war, please forgive me if I chose to retreat.
Know that to me you all are part of my heart very dear to me!

love always me


Anonymous said...

Hi My Friend

Very precious know that you are loved. You are looking so good keep it up.

Love Ya