Friday, December 26, 2008


my first christmas is there room for more

We had a wonderful Christmas with lots of traveling involved, between my baby sister Natalie and us is a good 3 and half hours drive, we decided to surprise my mom, our two little pumpkins Mark spark and Kirsty-pie are away on holiday at the sea and this is the first Christmas that we are not all together, however we decided to surprise my mom so that she could share the first Christmas with her great grandson Kyrone, who was spoilt rotten!

Here are a few pictures to show how we celebrated Christmas here.

And maybe once I can figure out why I cant upload photos here I will come back and post them

love always me

me, my mom and sister Natalie and at the back

Jenni my eldest daughter


darla said...

Love all the pics!!!! oh he is darling..can you pack him to come with you?? you are soooo beautiful!! I love you..and "come away my beloved" is favorite all time read..and I think I will pull it now to settle in with.