Monday, December 22, 2008


I can’t believe that Christmas is around the corner, My Fred and I did some shopping yesterday… one sad note is that I realized how little I know about my darling sisters children.. I made Fred walk and walk and revisit the same stores not once or twice but maybe five times, I must say we had fun.
I just love to watch people and for any of you out there that know me you will understand my fascination with coffee shops and the love I have for people. We sat in place called “the village square stage.” It was great they even had a local artist come and perform and keep the people entertained… but sadly I must say some of the people you want to ask what were you thinking when you got dressed this morning.
When I looked at the time again we had spent the whole day there it was nearly 5pm and we still didn’t have a gift for our grand baba… but gramps and nana solved that problem we just bought a whole lot for him to choose from…even though I had to pull gramps away from the little quad bikes and have the sales man reassure him that the idea age is 2 years old…we found some lovely gifts for all.
At the moment my Fred and I are on our own no children only their dogs and boy are they naughty…little Teddy Kirsty-pies dog is a real little terror… I am thinking of renaming him terror. He seems to be addicted to marshmallows like me.
I am still working flat out and only have a few days off, and need to start planning my life for next year I just don’t seem to find joy yet or the excitement of planning, and yet I know if I fail to plan I will plan to fail. I can’t believe that it’s almost our wedding anniversary again and we are spending it with very precious friends of our as we still will be childless…. We are going with them to their church and I know that I will get some answers that I am looking for at the moment.

Love always me


Jen said...

Isn't shopping for the littlest ones the most fun ever?!??!?
Have a very Merry and Relaxing Christmas!
Love from Canada

Jen said...

PS REALLY love the new look!