Friday, May 11, 2007



This morning after everyone had left the house except for Princess Jenni she is now part of the work womans group and myself, because dad only takes those still young enough not to moan about his driving to school, (don’t you think I am just so spoilt), I made myself some coffee and headed off to bed just for a few more minutes between the sheets, you see its start of autumn here and the cold wind is blowing outside this morning so a few more minutes are required today. I lay back took my mobile and read all my emails in the comfort of my bed. I loved the responses to my blog and feel so privileged that you took the time to read them. One of the questions that was asked was what is a dolla friend; well that got me thinking and thinking some more how do you describe something that is so assorted and full of love, fun, tears and laughter, but here goes and forgive me if I don’t do it justice but this is from my heart

So with the second cuppa this morning I am going to try and unveil the mystery of the dolla friends.

I guess the one common factor we have in our relationship as dolla friends is we love the Lord with all our hearts; we know that the beginning of wisdom is for those that reverently and fearfully worship the Lord God. They are beautiful but not supermodels, they are bold but not domineering, they love unconditionally even when I am at an ugly place.

Have you ever walked into a coffee shop and seen a group of beautiful woman laughing and talking hand waving, they are well groomed even in there gym cloths and house dress these are my dolla friends. I want to introduce you to a few but there are many more and Lisa I know that you would make a perfect dolla friends you can all see Lisa at

Some of your friends are cheerleaders, they are the ones when you cant see what lies ahead and the vision God gives you is so big that it scares the living daylights out of you, she is the one that makes you realise you can do it, to all of them thank you and a special thanks to Shar you can read her blog at

This is the friend that goes with you to have your first bikini wax which turns out to be on of your fondest memories, the beautician was in hysterics, ( and every time I go and see her she starts to laugh even before I say anything) as my friend calls out “oh Jesus help me” (believe me not in a blaspheming type of way but genuinely wanting help” as the first strip is pulled off and it takes all will power to keep her on the bed I still don’t know if she went all the way with that wax or not I shall have to find out, thanks dolla P.

This is the friend that slips away from work so we can go and see the latest chick movie, in another town so we don’t bump into anyone we know, and land up been only 4 people in the whole movie house and at the end the other 2 ladies ask if we can let them know when we are coming to movies again, because they have never laughed so much. We commented and laughed so much during the movies that the ladies watched us more then the movie it self, thanks dolla J.

This is the friend that holds your hand when you have to go for your first mammogram, and no I haven’t booked the appointment yet but I will I promise soon. Sorry dolla R

Then there are those friends that land up going to a woman’s conference with you where you are speaking on been the Queen of your home and don’t mind if you wear the tiara with your pajamas, and new found friends that don’t mind you gate crashing their hot chocolate and marshmallow party, these too become part of my dolla brigade, thanks dolla M.

These are the friends you phone when your mom goes the an old age village for the first time, they are the ones you phone when no one understands you and you want comfort, they are the ones that share your tears and laughter, they are the ones that pray with you in earnest, friends that are cherished beyond this life. these are the friends that catch your smiles and keep them for rainy days

I could spend days here trying to define each one of them, but to all of them thank you so very much for been my DOLLA friend…..


Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

this has got to be the coolest thing I have read all week!!! What a sisterhood! And am I right in seeing you are from S. Africa?

One more question, because I am from S. Alabama and am clueless, what does the word 'dolla' mean? or does it really have a meaning besides the one you have given it?

I love, love, love this! Thanks for sharing it!! :))


Mindy said...

This is really awesome.
God is good to provide friends like that!
I have a friend from South Africa who now lives in Georgia. What part are you from?
In HIM -

Gretchen said...

Boy, you sound like someone I'd love to be dolla friends with. :) I just hopped over from the Preacher's wife to see the definition. Thanks for giving me a new appreciation for what I have in my own dolla friends. Hugs.