Monday, May 3, 2010

stepping out of the vortex 1

So much has happened over the last few months and in some cases I didnt feel the liberty to write about them...and there are some things I still wont share here as I believe it wont bring credit to anyone.

life for me has been a series of small and big happenings some have plunged me into a vortex of self destruction and others into isolation.

one great lesson I have learnt in all of this is to surround yourself with people that care about your vision (not just yours), because if you dont your vision will grow fussy.....

I have had some precious times with the Lord in the last 5 months and felt the Holy Spirit releasing me this morning to start writting again....I am an encourager and if I had written in the time that has passed it would have not done any justice to the call God has placed on my life.....

I would really love to thank all my Dolla friends that have stood by me and allowed me to take the mask of life off and just be plain Deborah they span from the USA to Christ Church New Zealand thank you for every word in season a smile or just a hug over facebook. LOVE YOU DOLLA"S

love always